The Defenders


Lieutenant-Colonel William Ledyard, Commanding

  • Captain Elijah Avery Groton
  • Captain Elisha Avery Groton
  • Lieutenant Ebenezer Avery Groton
  • Ensign Daniel Avery Groton
  • Sergeant Christopher Avery Groton
  • Sergeant Jasper Avery Groton
  • Sergeant Solomon Avery Groton
  • David Avery Groton
  • Thomas Avery Groton
  • Captain Samuel Allyn Ledyard...Groton
  • Captain Simeon Allyn Ledyard...Groton
  • Belton Allyn Ledyard...Groton
  • Benadam Allyn Ledyard...Groton
  • Nathaniel Adams Groton
  • Captain Hubbard Burrows Groton
  • Sergeant Ezekiel Bailey Groton
  • Corporal Andrew Billings Ledyard...Groton
  • Andrew Baker Ledyard...Groton
  • John P. Babcock Groton
  • John Billings Groton
  • Samuel Billings Groton
  • William Bolton Groton
  • John Brown Groton
  • Jonathan Butler Groton
  • Lieutenant Richard Chapman Groton
  • Sergeant Eldredge Chester Groton
  • Daniel Chester Groton
  • Jedediah Chester Groton
  • Frederic Chester Groton
  • John Clark New London
  • Elias Coit 1 New London
  • Lieutenant James Comstock New London
  • William Comstock Saybrook
  • Philip Covill Groton
  • Daniel Davis Groton
  • Daniel Eldredge 2 Groton
  • Jordan Freeman (colored) Groton
  • Captain Elias Henry Halsey 3 Long Island
  • Samuel Hill Ledyard...Groton
  • John Holt, Jr. New London
  • Sergeant Rufus Hulbert Ledyard...Groton
  • Eliday Jones Groton
  • Moses Jones Ledyard...Groton
  • Benoni Kenson New London
  • Barney Kinney 4 New London
  • Thomas Lamb Groton
  • Lambo Latham (colored) Groton
  • Captain Young Ledyard Groton
  • Captain Cary Leeds 5 Groton
  • Lieutenant Joseph Lewis Ledyard...Groton
  • Daniel D. Lester 6 Groton
  • Ensign John Lester Ledyard...Groton
  • Jonas Lester Groton
  • Wait Lester Groton
  • Captain Nathan Moore Groton
  • Corporal Edward Mills Groton
  • Corporal Simeon Morgan Ledyard...Groton
  • Thomas Miner 7 Ledyard...Groton
  • Joseph Moxley Ledyard...Groton
  • David Palmer Groton
  • Corporal Luke Perkins, Jr Ledyard...Groton
  • Elisha Perkins Ledyard...Groton
  • Luke Perkins Ledyard...Groton
  • Asa Perkins Ledyard...Groton
  • Elnathan Perkins Ledyard...Groton
  • Simeon Perkins Ledyard...Groton
  • Captain Peter Richards New London
  • Captain Adam Shapley New London
  • Captain Amos Stanton Ledyard...Groton
  • Lieutenant Enoch Stanton Stonington
  • Sergeant Daniel Stanton Stonington
  • Sergeant John Stedman Ledyard...Groton
  • Sergeant Nicholas Starr Groton
  • Corporal Nathan Sholes Ledyard...Groton
  • Thomas Starr, Jr. Groton
  • David Seabury Groton
  • Captain John Williams Groton
  • Lieutenant Henry Williams Ledyard...Groton
  • Lieutenant Patric Ward Groton
  • Sylvester Walworth Groton
  • Joseph Wedger Ledyard...Groton
  • Thomas Williams Stonington
  • Daniel Williams 8 Saybrook
  • John Whittlesey Saybrook
  • Stephen Whittlesey Saybrook
  • Christopher Woodbridge Groton
  • Henry Woodbridge Groton

Total, 88.

1 On the monument slab as Ellis
2 Wounded; carried away prisoner; returned sick, and died December 11th. not on the Monument.
3 On the monument as Henry Halsey.
4 On the monument Kenny.
5 This man was wounded, and died December 28th. Not on the monument.
6 On monument Daniel C.
7 On the tombstone Minard, which seems to be an error, as his descent is from Clement Miner.
8 Not on the Monument


Paroled and Left at Home

“A particular Account of the Men that were Wounded at Fort Griswold, in the Battle with the British, on the 6th of September, 1781, who were Paroled by Captain Bloomfield, and Ebenzer Ledyard, Esq., was taken as Hostage to see them forthcoming, if called for.” In the presence of Rufus Avery.

  • Lieutenant Parke Avery Jr., lost one eye Groton
  • Ensign Ebenezer Avery, in the head Groton
  • Amos Avery, in the hand Groton
  • John Daboll, Jr., in the hand Groton
  • Ensign Charles Eldridge, knee Groton
  • Daniel Eldridge, in the face Groton
  • Christopher Eldridge, in the face Groton
  • Samuel Edgcomb, Jr., in the hand Groton
  • Andrew Gallop*, in the hip Groton
  • Robert Gallop*, in the body Groton
  • Sergeant Stephan Hempstead, in the body New London
  • Corporal (Jehial) Judd, in the knee Hebron
  • Captain William Latham, in the thigh Groton
  • Captain Edward Latham, in the body Groton
  • Jonathan Latham, Jr.*, body Groton
  • Christopher Latham, Jr., body Groton
  • Fredrick Moore 1, body Groton
  • John Morgan, in the knee Groton
  • Jabish Pendleton, in the hand Groton
  • Captain Soloman Perkins, in the face Groton
  • Lieutenant Obediah Perkins, in the face Groton
  • Ebenezer Perkins, in the face Groton
  • Elisha Prior, in the arm Groton
  • Lieutenant William Starr, in the breast Groton
  • John Starr*, in the arm Groton
  • Daniel Stanton, Jr., in the body Stonington
  • William Seymour, lost his leg Hartford
  • Ensign Jos. Woodmansee, lost one eye Groton
  • Sanford Williams, in the body Groton
  • Asel Woodworth, in the neck Groton
  • Thomas Woodworth, in the leg Groton
  • Zibe Woodworth, in the knee Groton


  • Samuel Stillman, arm and thigh Saybrook
  • Tom Wansuc (Pequot Indian) bayonet stab in the neck Groton
  • Edward Stanton, in the body Stonington

* The name is in the original manuscript, but has never been given in any printed list.–A

1. Fredrick Wave first appeared in Rathburn’s Narrative, before alluded to, and was copied by Mr. Harris. The original manuscript list of paroled wounded is that of Rufus Avery, in which this name is Fredrick Moore. Though carelessly written, anyone can see the same reading which gave us Wave, should have given us Wavegan or Morgan. Fredrick Moore drew a pension. I have put him in the place of Wavgan who has for a century taken the honors due to Moore, who lost a house on Groton Bank by the fire. No trace of Wave can be found. He seems to have disappeared as completely as his namesakes after a gale.