About Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park Foundation, Inc.

We are all aware that the pace of America today leaves so little time to remembering our great heroes and the meaning of America. So much of our time is taken to paying homage to today’s celebrities, those whose bright lights shine only briefly, but still there is no shortage of patriots who love this country; occasionally you find a teacher, a club scout leader or some other dedicated individual with a special dedication or calling who will take the time to foster understanding of the virtues of our unique heritage.

This is also the mission of the Friends of Fort Griswold.

The purpose of the Friends of Fort Griswold is to work to preserve, restore, maintain, and promote the historic value, earthworks, buildings, and grounds, known as Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park in cooperation with the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

In October 1994 a number of individuals with interest in Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park formed a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to help preserve and maintain the history of the fort.

On May 3, 1995, the group called Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park Foundation, Inc. was incorporated to raise funds to preserve this historic Revolutionary site.


Repairs begin on the Groton Monument on August 1, 2009.  Funds for the repairs remained intact despite the state’s financial crisis. The repair of the Monument was deemed an ongoing project and, as such, was not subject to budget cuts.

To accomplish our mission, Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park Foundation, Inc. has purchased the following items:
Fiberglass flagpoles
Computer and  digital camera
Museum inventory program
The  Monument House Museum collection was the first CT state museum to be totally digitally inventoried. We have signed the program license  over to the state, and it is now being implemented on a state-wide basis.

Other activities

Beautification Program
Junior Docent Program
School Tours
Op Sail Tours
Education Programs
Provide funding for supplies and small repairs to the fort
Purchasing and preserving documents related to the building and history of the fort.

Earth Day

Sailors from the United States Navy worked at Fort Griswold for Earth Day on Tuesday April 21, 2014.  There were about 30 volunteers, all of them stationed at the Submarine Base in Groton. Their work included clean up, repair, and painting on the grounds of the Fort.
We provided the supplies (including paint and painting materials) for the sailors.

Thank you, Johnson’s Hardware in Groton for working with us and giving the Friends a discount for the purchase of the items.

Archiving of Museum Collection

 Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park Foundation, Inc. has provided archival material for the museum collection for the last few years. Now all of the documents and books at the Monument House Museum are stored properly.

 Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park Foundation, Inc. also purchased the computer program for inventorying the museum’s collection.

2017 to today

More recently, The Friends of Fort Griswold have paid for a granite outline of the barracks, which indicates where the original barracks stood in 1781.
In addition, volunteers helped park staff construct a viewing platform, which will help to preserve the earthworks by preventing people from climbing atop them for the best view.
In 2018, we purchased a digital kiosk for the museum, and volunteers created content, which they continue to update.
In 2019, new interpretive signage was installed on the viewing platform to help orient visitors to the various landmarks within the fort.
Friends of Fort Griswold assist with the construction of a new viewing platform in June, 2018.
The Groton Monument
Photo by Paul Duarte

Grant Received from the Society of the Cincinnati

Fort Griswold granite sign
Granite sign donated by the Society of the Cincinnati. Photo by Paul Duarte.

 Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park Foundation, Inc. received a $1,500 grant for signage from the society of the Cincinnati. The funding is going toward a granite sign at the main gate to the Fort that is carved with the words “Fort Griswold 1775” in 3” high lettering  In smaller lettering it will say “Donated by the Society of the Cincinnati.” The sign will be erected on two granite pillars.
There currently is no sign at the actual entrance to the Fort proper denoting its name and date of construction.
The Society is composed of descendants of the first sons of Gen. George Washington’s officers, and their French counterparts. Learn more about the Society of the Cincinnati.

Mannequins Purchased for Uniforms

mannequins_webOur group recently purchased museum-quality mannequins to display our two reproduction Revolutionary War uniforms. The uniform on the left is a reproduction of Col. Ledyard’s uniform that we had made specifically for the 225th. On the right is a reproduction Colonial artillery man’s uniform that was donated several years ago.    Together, the two mannequins cost approximately $600. Transporting the assembled mannequins and dressing them was quite a challenge, but members David Rose, Paul Duarte, Ralph and Sally Whitney, and Leslie Evans proved up to it.

Flag Project

The State of Connecticut, with reduced tax revenues, was forced to make a difficult decision about where and how monies should be spent. The choice was made to eliminate funding for flags for Connecticut State Parks.

Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park Foundation, Inc. wants to keep the American flag flying over Fort Griswold.  Because of high winds and other environmental challenges, it is estimated that the Fort will need twelve (51/2’ by 81/2’) flags a year at a cost of $70.00 to $80.00 each.

GroMont_Ft Griswold 046a
Photo by Paul Duarte
Granite outline of the barracks being installed in May 2017.

New interpretive signs were installed on the platform in 2019.

The Friends purchased a new digital kiosk for the museum in 2018.