Cell Phone Tour

Visitors to  Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park can now enjoy a  six stop recorded tour on their cell phones. Simply dial (860) 424-4005 from any location with cell phone coverage.   Signs have been posted within the park with details of how to listen to the tour. These signs orient visitors and describe what they can see from the various locations.  In addition to describing landmark details, the recording offers plenty of rich historical details. After listening to the recording from one stop, proceed to the next stop, and redial the number.

For those of you familiar with the park, you may also dial the number from any phone, and follow along with this PDF document, which provides a variety of photographs and a map of the tour stops. At the conclusion of the first recording, simply press the next number (0-5), and the recording will advance to the next stop without redialing.

We hope you’ll give the recording a listen.