Thanks to two very generous donations, the Friends of Fort Griswold are running two raffles from May 26, 2021 throughout the summer. Drawings for all prizes will be held on September 6, 2021 at noon in the Museum House. Ticket holders do not need to be present to win. Proceeds from the raffles will raise funds to help us pay for the 240th commemoration of the Battle of Groton Heights, Patriots & Redcoats.

Quilt Raffle
The quilt raffle features two stunning quilts donated by Marian Galbraith and Carol Hessler. The first is a queen-sized ‘Burgoyne Surrounded’ pattern. It is machine pieced and quilted on a long arm. The piecing was done by Carol Hessler, Marian Galbraith, Carol Chennette and Ellen Mooney whose initials appear on the back of the quilt. The long arm quilting was done by Marian Galbraith. Thanks to That’s Sew Debbie who charged us only half price for the rental of the long arm machine.

The second prize is a smaller, crib sized quilt in red, white, and blue.

Tickets for the quilt raffle are $1.00 each.

The Quilt History
The quilt pattern, Burgoyne Surrounded, was chosen for this commemoration because of its association with the Revolutionary War. One could only wish that we might have had a similar victory here at the Battle of Groton Heights.

The name comes from the Revolutionary War battle of Saratoga, in which 5,800 British troops under the command of General John Burgoyne were surrounded by the American army and forced to surrender on October 17, 1777. The quilt pattern showing a large square surrounded by smaller squares was created and named for the unfortunate General Burgoyne.  Burgoyne’s army is at the center of the block, represented by the uneven nine patch. The Americans are the circle surrounding the center.

The quilt pattern has had other names (Wheels of Fortune, Road to California, Homespun #34) but during one of the Colonial Revival periods of the 1800’s it became known as Burgoyne Surrounded, a name which is used today.

Often found with a history of the quilt is the story of Jane McCrea.  According to the story, Jane McCrea was affianced to one of Burgoyne’s men.  On her wedding day, she was killed and scalped by a band of Native Americans.  When Burgoyne bought the scalp from the Native Americans, the atrocity sparked the ire of the colonials and motivated volunteers to join the patriots’ effort.

Pedego Electric Bike Raffle
Our second raffle features one very exciting prize – a Pedego Elecric Bike, donated by Paul Ward. This Comfort Cruiser is rider-friendly and has a battery upgrade for hours of great riding. It is one of the most powerful electric bikes on the market, and it’s just plain fun and exciting to ride. Visit Paul’s shop at 76 Fort Hill Road in Groton.

Tickets for the Electric Bike raffle are $20.00

Raffle tickets will be available from Friends of Fort Griswold members, and in the Museum House during regular hours. You’ll find members at various events throughout the summer. The quilts will also be on display at some of these events.

You may purchase tickets online below
Here’s how our online tickets purchase works. You may use a credit card to purchase tickets using the form below. Once your payment is confirmed, we will fill out the tickets for you, and photograph the stubs to send to you as  a receipt. We will submit the physical stubs to this year’s raffle mistress, longtime Friends member Jeanne Baker, who can confirm her receipt of your raffle entry.

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  • Price: $20.00
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'Burgoyne Surrounded' queen-sized quilt in red and white. This beautiful handmade quilt was donated by Marian Galbraith and Carol Hessler.
'Burgoyne Surrounded' crib-sized quilt in red, white, and blue. This beautiful handmade quilt was donated by Marian Galbraith and Carol Hessler.
Pedego Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike, donated by Paul Ward.

Please note: Winners are responsible for collecting their prizes.