Patriots & Redcoats: Participating groups

Re-enactment Groups


The 9th Regiment of Foot

The recreated 9th Regiment of Foot is a Revolutionary War living history and reenactors group based in Connecticut portraying the British forces in North America.

They participate in living history events, battle reenactments and tacticals. Much like their forbears, the Ninth of Foot, their members include men-at-arms, musicians and women and children who serve as camp followers. As they were from the Irish Establishment of the Army, they have many Irish soldiers. Catholics were not officially allowed in the British Army, however the reality was quite different. The 9th served in the army under General Johnny Burgoyne in 1777 in the ill-fated campaign that culminated in the British defeat at Saratoga NY.

HM 17th Regiment of Infantry in America, 1775-1784

This recreated 17th Regiment of Infantry was established in the early 2000’s with a mission to provide for its members and the public the experiences of the common British soldier throughout the conflict, and more specifically at historic sites from the Hudson River Valley to Virginia. The group works as a collective; researching, creating uniforms and equipment, providing living history displays and interpretation to vividly teach and engage with history. The recreated 17th strives for meaningful, research-based public interpretation of the perspectives of the British Soldier in the American Revolution, and engage with broader questions of what it meant to be “British” and “American” nearly 250 years ago.

HM 40th Foot / 2nd Battalion LI - "Bloodhounds"

This group portrays a British light infantry company of His Majesty’s 40th Regiment of Foot as they acted and appeared on the 1777 Philadelphia Campaign during the American Rebellion. Rather than being Anglophiles, the 40th is a group who thinks the best way to honor this country’s history is to present our early military adversaries as the professional, practical, and tough fighting force they were.

His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot

His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot American Contingent begun in 1968 by Vincent J.R. Kehoe as recreated regiment for the American Bicentennial.

"The King's Own" 4th Regiment of Foot. Light Company

A New England based reenacting unit dedicated to the accurate portrayal of 18th century British soldiers and their families on campaign in America.

4th Coy., Brigade of Guards in America, Ltd.

The 4th Coy., Brigade of Guards is an American Revolutionary War historical reenactment organization, portraying the British Army during the period of 1775-1783.


The 10th Massachusetts Regiment

The recreated 10th Massachusetts Regiment was established during the Bicentennial to educate the public and its members about the lives of the American soldiers in the War for Independence from 1775-1783. Since then, the unit has evolved from doing a single 1781 light infantry impression to portraying the regiment for every year of the war; from Soper’s Company in 1775 to the men at New Windsor Cantonment before the army was disbanded in 1783. The 10th Mass. strives to use the latest research in order to improve both their uniforms and their practices. Through their own research, they can better educate the public on why men answered the call to arms and what they experienced at Lexington and Concord, Fort Ticonderoga, or Yorktown.

Peters’ Corps (a Loyalist group attending as civilian militia)

In 1976, Captain Sherwood’s company of the Queen’s Loyal Rangers was reactivated to take part in the Bicentennial of the American Revolution. The company is comprised of men-at-arms as well as women and children who serve as camp followers. They are part of the Brigade of the American Revolution, an international group of more than two thousand living historians. They take part in numerous Brigade events each year, plus a number of local events.


Great emphasis is placed on authenticity of clothing and behavior, and many of their members have also recreated trades and crafts of the 18th century. One aspect of life in the 18th century that continues today is the preparation of food.

Brown's Company of Artillery

Captain J. Brown’s Company of Artillery of Colonel Lamb’s 2nd Continental Regiment of Artillery.
We are a reenactment group that incorporates living history, displays, cannon drill and firing demonstrations on a Revolutionary War 24 lb Gilpin type Howitzer.

4th New York Regiment

As one of the original four regiments formed in Albany by the New York Provincial Congress in June 1775, the 4th New York Regiment saw action in the Battle of Saratoga, Battle of Monmouth and the Sullivan Expedition. Today’s group is a member of the Brigade of the American Revolution, the Living History Guild, and is affiliated with the Continental Line.  Features Frank Maxwell of Connecticut who explains the role of free African-American soldiers, who unlike their British counterparts, were integrated in the units.


Big Bear Trading Company

Supplying Gear for Living History, Reenacting, Pirate and Steampunk Events From the 17th through 19th Centuries

Steve Topliff, Gunsmith

Portraying a 1756 Connecticut gunsmith. Showcasing a display of original firearms of the 18th century that were used on colonist, British and French sides of the war. The public is invited to handle these weapons. Firing demonstrations on request.

Najecki's American Revolutionary War Reproductions

Reproducing items from the Revolutionary War


John Weaver
19th Century Coastal Fortifications

Kevin Johnson
The Life and Death of Jordan Freeman

Matt Reardon
New London: Benedict Arnold’s Final Battle

Paul Supley
Historic Medicine. This program is an overview of medicine in the 2nd half of the 18th century and will focus on everything from hygiene and illnesses of soldiers to surgical procedures used on battle casualties. A complete medical display will be used and demonstrated throughout the presentation.  This program is not recommended for children under 12.